Car 8

Throughout the month of December, Accept Car Finance will be focusing on the 12 Cars Of Christmas as a way to highlight a dozen models that are perfectly suited to the frosty temperatures, challenging weather and icy road conditions. Today, we present the Eighth Car Of Christmas, and playing the role of Eight Maids-A-Milking is the Volvo XC90.

Volvo XC90 At A Glance

The Volvo XC90 has been around for a fairly long time, with its first generation model having been launched back in 2002. Interestingly, it enjoyed a very lengthy first generation, with it being twelve years before a second-gen follow-up was released to the market in 2014. There were facelifts and feature-focused updates along the way, but in the official lineage of the series, it was a dozen years before a true second-generation Volvo XC90 was released to the masses. Of course, this will also likely mean that the current generation, which is five years in as of this writing, is set to continue for some time, meaning that those seeking a third-gen XC90 model might have a significant wait on their hands!

But in the meantime, the Volvo XC90 is more than capable of satisfying the needs of drivers. Safety is at the forefront of the XC90’s values and intentions, which we will cover again shortly when highlighting the car’s suitability for the winter weather. Aside from this, though, the XC90 also shines based on the sheer power that it brings to the table and how its general design enhances its durability and impact on the road. It’s a car that comes across as owning its space, a vehicle that stands up to other motors and maintains its presence. It’s a model that almost gives off a sense of confidence, with its strong, vertical back-end providing a similar visual to a guard standing upright. That is the goal of the XC90: to make a driver proud to be sat behind the wheel, to give the motorist that extra air of confidence when manning the steering wheel, and to generally come across as a vehicle that has to be taken seriously, thus ensuring that the person driving the car receives similar treatment.

Suitability For Winter

As noted, while the Volvo XC90 is without question a powerful and reliable machine, it is its important safety elements that help to make it a draw for those needing a car specifically for their winter travels. The front bumper of the car is specifically designed to minimise potential damage in the event of a crash, thus keeping both the people inside the car and outside as safe as possible, and the vehicle’s rear structure boasts a whiplash protection system, thus greatly reducing the impact upon passengers should another car collide from behind. The model also has a reinforced roof made of super-tough steel, which again provides that feeling of strength, and dare we say intimidation, amongst other vehicles out on the road. Of course, the Volvo XC90 is able to keep itself and its driver and passengers completely safe and secure in order to ensure that accidents are extremely unlikely, but we mention this because vehicles are generally designed to prevent collisions, but aren’t always protective of those on board should an incident happen, but that cannot be levied at the XC90, which prepares for the eventuality while ensuring it would be a rarity.

Safety isn’t the only reason why the Volvo XC90 is suited for the cold chill, though, and as a matter of fact, it has features specifically designed to combat the winter weather. These include a headlight cleaning system, heating for both the front windscreen and washer nozzles, as well as the ability to heat up the steering wheel during driving, and then there is the unique Winter Plus toolkit, which essentially integrates active bending headlights and combines them alongside the use of shadowing equipment. All of these are major elements in enhancing the driving experience during the coldest season of the year, and they ultimately make the Volvo XC90 a must-own vehicle for anybody wishing to make a car purchase purely and simply as a way to get through the frosty months that are ahead.

Current Finance Plans for the Volvo XC90

We have got a superb finance deal available at present for an older Volvo XC90 model that allows the driver to make a huge saving on their next (or first) car. It is related to a 2009 registration vehicle, which has a silver exterior and has clocked up approximately 88,000 miles in its ten years out on the road thus far. The car has a 2400 engine and runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it can be bought from us for a drop-down price of only £50, which means a monthly payment of £200 for what is a brilliant vehicle.



Based on its lineage, the second generation incarnation of the Volvo XC90 is here to stay, and based on the evidence we have outlined here, that seems to only be a good thing. Of course, we are intrigued to see what design tweaks may come in the early 2020s, and we are excited to see what the XC90’s third-gen model will provide when it finally arrives. But in the meantime, the current XC090 offers tremendous power, confidence, strength, safety and management for drivers across the UK, as well as keeping passengers safe and sound during the more challenging journeys, and it is perfectly equipped (some would say precisely designed) to cope with the most difficult time of the year for motorists, that being the winter. Amongst our 12 Cars Of Christmas, the Volvo XC90 stands out as one of the more impressive and functional models, and thus it receives our highest possible recommendation.

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