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Throughout the month of December, Accept Car Finance will be focusing on the 12 Cars Of Christmas as a way to highlight a dozen models that are perfectly suited to the frosty temperatures, challenging weather and icy road conditions. Today, we present the Seventh Car Of Christmas, and playing the role of Seven Swans-A-Swimming is the Range Rover Evoque.

Range Rover Evoque At A Glance

The Range Rover Evoque was first launched back in 2011, and the series received a number of facelifts in the mid-2010s. Officially, though, it was 2018 when the actual second generation Evoque car came to showrooms. But even before the current version of the Evoque, the range has already made a significant impact, with 18,000 pre-orders translating to 90,000 vehicles sold within its first year.

It also picked up a large number of awards within its first 18 months, and even beforehand: it was named as the Best Production Car by Car Design News in 2010, a year before the vehicle was officially released to the general public. Upon its release, the accolades that were given to the Range Rover Evoque included the 2011 Car Of The Year honour from Top Gear, as well as the 2012 SUV Of The Year courtesy of Motor Trend, the 2012 World Design Car Of The Year from the World Car Of The Year awards, and also the 2012 North American Truck Of The Year prize.

The current second-generation Range Rover Evoque has continued its success and acclaim. The newest model is a five-door SUV with increased precision, additional storage space and legroom, deployable handles on all of its doors, optional 21-inch wheels and Matrix LED headlights take the already-strong driving experience provided by the original Evoque model and elevate proceedings to a higher level. Still in its infancy, the second-gen Evoque has received positive customer feedback, and will help the series to surpass one million total sales, which is likely to happen in either 2020 or 2021.

Suitability For Winter

The Range Rover Evoque comes with highly powerful engines that will allow for increased fuel storage to help the car make its way through the winter season; in technical terms, the Evoque boasts diesel engines for 150bhp FWD, 180 AWD and 240 AWD, as well as petrol engines for 200 bhp, 250 bhp and 300 bhp. Beyond its durability and engine tanks, though, the Evoque offers steady control behind the wheel, allowing the driver to easily navigate the likes of icy roads, bumpy surfaces and snowy climates. The car also has a highly effective heating system, which includes heated seats; it goes without saying that when the temperatures start to dip into the minus range, it is a massive benefit for both the driver and all passengers on board that the car is easily capable of not only maintaining comfortable temperatures to keep everybody warm inside the vehicle, but it will make people feel warmer than they would if they were relying on a household fireplace, all while keeping everybody safe and being cautious of road obstacles ahead.

Current Finance Plans for the Range Rover Evoque

There are plenty of great deals right now for the Range Rover Evoque, some of which we have outlined below. The first of these is for a 2017 registration model that comes with a light brown bodywork and with a low mileage thus far of around 13,000. The vehicle has a 1999 engine, and it runs on diesel power with automatic transmission. Purchasing this car would cost £133 per week, which means a monthly amount of £532.


If you have a smaller budget in mind for a Range Rover Evoque, though, then we recommend taking a look at our deal for a 2016 model from this popular series. It has a distinct red exterior, and the mileage to date is only slightly higher at approximately 16,000. As with our first example, this car has a 1999 engine and runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, but in this case, the weekly cost is significantly lower at £104 per week, or £416 per month.


But that’s not all! Our lowest-priced finance plan for the Range Rover Evoque is a real Christmas cracker, and it concerns a 2013 registration vehicle that has a grey bodywork and a total mileage of 45,000. This model has a 2179 engine, and it runs on diesel power with manual transmission. These are impressive features, but the most eye-catching aspect of this deal is the price, with the car coming in at only £75 per week, meaning just £300 per month for what is a tremendous and powerful motor.



It has been close to a decade since the Range Rover Evoque first hit the road, and as demonstrated by its plethora of award triumphs, it has left a lasting impression with both drivers and the motoring industry as a whole. And yet it feels like the Evoque’s best days are still ahead, especially given that we are still only a year or so on from the second-generation car leaving the production line, with further tweaks and touch-ups likely to come in the early 2020s. Rather than waiting to see how the manufacturer attempt to enhance its already-excellent vehicle, though, it is best to take the opportunity now to purchase the Range Rover Evoque to ensure that you are able to safely and reliably manage the challenging winter conditions, and once the weather takes a turn for the better, you will still have a tremendous car that will allow you, as a driver, to make a real statement on the road in the new decade.

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