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Throughout the month of December, Accept Car Finance will be focusing on the 12 Cars Of Christmas as a way to highlight a dozen models that are perfectly suited to the frosty temperatures, challenging weather and icy road conditions. Today, we present the Fifth Car Of Christmas, and playing the role of Five Gold Rings is the Mazda 3.

Mazda 3 At A Glance

The Mazda 3 has been around for more than half a decade, having been launched back in 2003. Mazda were not afraid to add upgrades to the vehicle over time, with numerous updates during the first generation before the subsequent major enhancements were delivered in later years, with the second generation car being released in 2009, the third generation follow-up arriving in 2013, and the fourth and current generation version of the Mazda 3 having only been brought to the showrooms earlier this year.

The Mazda 3’s newest vehicle has continued the tremendous prosperity enjoyed by this particular series. Upon release in January 2019, it became the fastest-selling car ever for the manufacturer, and cumulative sales for the range as a whole over the course of the past 16 or so years have exceeded 6 million. As we enter a new decade, and with the current Mazda 3 still in its infancy, it is very likely that the modern take on this popular range will achieve even greater levels of success, and we could be talking about sales in the double figures by the time that the fifth main Mazda 3 offering is released to the masses, likely to be around 2024 or 2025.

As for why the Mazda 3 has proven to be such a hit with drivers across the United Kingdom and beyond? It probably comes down to its positioning within the market as a straight-forward yet highly effective vehicle. It does not promise to change the driving world, it does not offer any features that will grab major newspaper headlines, and it is not a car designed to act as a representation of a particular era within the automotive industry. Instead, it focuses on getting all of the basic functionality elements right, ensuring that anyone who drives the car does so with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment.

This includes tremendous reliability from its battery (thus greatly reducing the likelihood of the car breaking down and running out of gas, especially on a busy road with trucks and pickups towing caravans for their staycation holidays), flexible control and steering behind the wheel (which is always a major positive), strong servicing, a consistent satellite navigation dashboard system, adequate audio for music and radio tools, and also a backup camera that is clear and effective, particularly when it comes to parking in smaller bays where looking out for other vehicles is truly imperative. The Mazda 3 is also fully capable of reaching and easily handling high speeds, as evidenced by the increasing use of the vehicle in motorsport competitions over the course of the past decade.

Suitability For Winter

When it comes to winter driving, the Mazda 3 again demonstrates its role as a reliable and smoothly operational vehicle. It will get you from A to B with no problems, allowing for an intimate drive that still offers significant legroom, and because of the hatchback style, you will be able to purchase this high-performance car at a low price in comparison with market trends, as we will give an example of shortly. Safe handling behind the wheel is probably the biggest incentive to own this car in time for the winter season, because ultimately the challenging weather and road conditions force the driver and their respective vehicle to make safety an even bigger priority than usual. Fortunately, this is where the Mazda 3 is able to set an example for others to follow, because the wheel is very simple to handle and offers no resistance, making driving a pleasurable and safe experience even when the temperatures are at their lowest and when the roads are at their iciest.

Current Finance Plans for the Mazda 3

We have currently got one particularly enticing car finance plan available for the Mazda 3. It is for a 2017 registration model, which has a silver bodywork and an overall mileage of around 23,000 at this point. It has a 1496 engine, and it runs on diesel power with manual transmission. Buying this car today will cost you only £54 per week, which is £216 per month and a great deal ahead of the planned Christmas travels.



In some respects, it is best to describe the Mazda 3 as a great vehicle suited to any time of the year, because it is certainly not a car that has been designed solely with the winter months in mind. The closer you inspect the model’s core qualities and values, however, the more you realise that every box ticked and every requirement matched makes it an ideal car to drive through December, January and February. After all, a nifty LED dashboard and comfortable leather seats might grab the driver’s attention, but they don’t really help when you are trying to drive through snow, fog or sleet. With the Mazda 3, however, its intentions to fulfil the basic needs to the highest standard really do make the difference during this time of the year. That’s not to say that this range does not boast any striking features and design elements, but when it comes to safety, comfort, reliability and management, few cars are more suited to the coldest period of the calendar than the Mazda 3.

Further Information

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