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Throughout the month of December, Accept Car Finance will be focusing on the 12 Cars Of Christmas as a way to highlight a dozen models that are perfectly suited to the frosty temperatures, challenging weather and icy road conditions. Today, we present the Fourth Car Of Christmas, and playing the role of Four Calling Birds is the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Land Rover Discovery Sport At A Glance

The Land Rover is such a well-established name in the motoring world, and the Discovery Sport feels like the type of car that drivers have been experiencing for a long time, but it is actually a very recent player on the market. This compact luxury crossover SUV vehicle was only launched in 2014, and it has only been in the last few weeks that its second generation offering (assembled in Halewood, Liverpool, not too far from our Cheshire showroom) was launched in Mexico, with it set to be rolled out for British consumption in early 2020.

Part of the reason why the Land Rover Discovery Sport feels so familiar is because, in its relatively short lifespan thus far, it has proven to be very successful for the manufacturer. Indeed, the Discovery Sport didn’t take long to build a strong following, and in 2016, it became the best-selling Land Rover model. The vehicle sold almost 250,000 vehicles in 2016 and 2017 alone, and its total sales have already reached the half-million mark as of this writing. It is expected that the car will reach seven- figures in total sales during this incoming second generation.

There are clear reasons for the Land Rover Discovery Sport to have achieved such an instant rapport with motorists. The vehicle takes all of the typical, renowned elements that drivers associate with a Land Rover model and combines them with a number of features specific to this particular car, providing a sporty feel and increased versatility over any other Land Rover vehicle. These include expansive use of innovative technology, such as Active Driveline and Configurable Dynamics, which ensure the smoothest drive possible for anyone behind the wheel and for any passengers on board. There is also the integration of Terrain Response 2, a feature that allows for the most suitable off-road driving mode to be automatically selected by the vehicle depending on the surface of a particular location. And the car also links with smartphone technology via a Remote app which allows the driver to check fuel levels, unlock the vehicle and prepare its baseline temperature before getting in the car.

Suitability For Winter

As for why the Land Rover Discovery Sport is particularly suited for winter travels: aside from the aforementioned ability to manage temperatures so that the car can be warm enough for all passengers, there is also the inclusion of a heated steering wheel. It can be tricky to drive a car while wearing gloves, so keeping the wheel warm for the driver is a wise move, and one which goes a step beyond what other vehicles would be able or willing to offer for motorists when the cold snap arrives. In addition, this particular range includes increased driver assistance safety elements, which help during the busy dark nights, especially in the run-up to Christmas and during New Year festivities when there are so many other cars out on the road, all looking to reach their preferred destination as soon as possible. And then there is the significant stability and traction that allow this vehicle to handle slippery situations, off-roading and rocky surfaces, which when combined with ice can prove to be detrimental to any driver. This is a car that is a fantastic all-round machine at any time of the year, but real care and attention have been paid towards making sure that this vehicle is fully equipped to handle the winter; if anything, it is during the coldest season of the year when the Land Rover Discovery Sport shines the brightest and stands out the most from its competitors on the road.

Current Finance Plans for the Land Rover Discovery Sport

We have got numerous top-notch finance plans right now for the Land Rover Discovery Sport for our customers to take advantage of. One of those is for a 2016 registration Discovery model that has a black bodywork and a mileage to date of around 44,000. The vehicle has a 1999 engine, and it runs on diesel power with automatic transmission. Purchasing this mode just in time for Christmas would cost £117 per week, which translates to £468 per month.


Another of our finance deals worth checking out is for a 2015 registration iteration of the Land Rover Discovery Sport. This car has a green exterior and has driven up approximately 30,000 miles to date. Just like our first example, this vehicle has a 1999 engine and operates via diesel power with automatic transmission, but there is a difference in the price. In this case, the cost of the car would drop slightly to £113 per week, meaning £452 per month.


You can make an even greater saving on our other standout deal for the Land Rover Discovery Sport, though. That would be for a 2017 registration vehicle that comes with a black bodywork and with its mileage thus far totalling 32,000. Once more, a 1999 engine is included, but this time, the car runs on diesel power with manual transmission. Buying this vehicle would come to only £100 per week, which equates to £400 per month.



Simply put, if you want a superb vehicle that offers safety, stability and space, along with some innovation and smart technology integration, you need not look further than the Land Rover Discovery Sport, a car that will see you through the winter and beyond in style.

Further Information

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