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Throughout the month of December, Accept Car Finance will be focusing on the 12 Cars Of Christmas as a way to highlight a dozen models that are perfectly suited to the frosty temperatures, challenging weather and icy road conditions. Today, we present the Third Car Of Christmas, and playing the role of Three French Hens is the Audi TT.

Audi TT At A Glance

Unlike other vehicles which we will be profiling as part of our 12 Cars Of Christmas, the Audi TT aims to keep things simple by focusing on the basics and emphasising what it does best. Having been launched to the market back in 1998, and with its current third generation model having become a reality a while back now in 2014, the Audi TT has become a big seller for the manufacturer amongst drivers who want a straight-forward yet fully efficient and surprisingly powerful two-door sports car. It’s available in both coupé and roadster forms, giving motorists some versatility as to what body of TT suits their own personal preferences.

We have just mentioned the car’s power, and that is key to why this has proven to be a success for Audi. The TT boasts powertrain and suspension layouts akin to larger Audi models, but manages to pack them into a smaller, more intimate exterior, resulting in a unique experience that other cars, and even other Audi cars, cannot provide. What’s more, the vehicle also brings to the table a front-mounted transversely oriented engine, as well as the option for either a traditional front-wheel or a quattro four-wheel drive system, and also totally independent front suspension based on the implementation of MacPherson struts. Suffice it to say, there is a lot more to the Audi TT than what appears at first glance.

Suitability For Winter

When it comes to the Audi TT and its suitability for the colder conditions, it comes down to the power, the control and the general quality of the drive, all of which combine to ensure that this is a sports car that can handle any weather, any surfaces and any temperatures. In particular, the use of a 12.3 inch Virtual Cockpit dashboard gives the vehicle an extra layer of gravitas, almost making the driver feel like they are manning an aeroplane, such are the wealth of features and strength of management provided behind the wheel. Add to that the multitude of engines available, and its adaptability towards the utilisation of either petrol or diesel, and the result is a car which is not only ideal for the winter, but would do you very well to retain and thoroughly enjoy as it heads through the spring, summer, autumn and beyond.

Current Finance Plans for the Audi TT

We have a number of top-notch finance plans available right now for the Audi TT. The first of these is for a 2016 registration vehicle, a relatively recent offering for the manufacturing giant, that has a white bodywork that is fitting for the winter season, and also a mileage to date of around 73,000. The car has a 1968 engine and it runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and it can be bought today for £67 per week, which comes in at approximately £268 per month.


If you would prefer to pay less for your Audi TT, though, we do have other strong alternatives. One of those is for a 2010 registration model that has a dark blue exterior, and with a mileage as of this writing of 57,000. This car has a 1798 engine, while running on petrol with manual transmission, and purchasing this car just in time for Christmas would cost only £42 per week, which comes to £168 per month.


However, if you want to make the biggest possible saving on an Audi TT vehicle, then we direct your attention to our deal for a 2006 registration model that sports a silver bodywork and a mileage built up so far of around 49,000. This almost-old school version of the Audi TT has a 1781 engine, and it also runs on petrol with manual transmission. The headline-grabbing aspect of this finance plan, though, is undoubtedly the price: buying this car would cost you just £25 per week, meaning a paltry £100 per month for a highly-efficient vehicle that will succeed in powering you through the winter months.



We have already extolled the virtues of the Audi TT in this article, but one particular quote stands out that emphasises why this is a must-own for drivers still looking for their winter vehicle. It comes from Car Buyer, and they described the Audi TT as being “one of the best all-weather sports cars ever”. That is quite the endorsement from an automotive body who will definitely recognise high-quality vehicles when they see them. The Audi TT brings together high performance, significant power, incredible control, amazing features and sheer strength and force from its engine and wheels. At first glance, the TT looks like a minimalised operation, a car that can get you from A to B and might sport some nice functionality options, but is otherwise a vehicle best overlooked. As we have explained, however, the Audi TT offers a tremendous overall package, one that is perfectly suited towards driving in the winter months. And because of its range of features and its allowance for real customisation by the driver, it has the potential to enjoy a long shelf life for anyone purchasing the vehicle. Take a closer look at the Audi TT, and you may find that you are driving one yourself in the near future!

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